Who I help: I enjoy helping adults and adolescents find freedom within their bodies and lives through an integrative use of mindfulness, expressive arts and body-based psychotherapy within a nurturing environment. At times, we might struggle with disordered eating, addictions, maternal mental health, obsessive or punitive thoughts or behaviors, anxiety, depression, or other challenges – ultimately, feelings of helplessness or confusion. 

I believe: There is a way to bite into the richness of life, to healthily digest the ebb and flow of life’s cycles, and to live in your body with satisfaction and energy. Therapy may be the safe, soft place to land, learn and love.

How? I hope to work together to understand your story, discover your deeper hungers, and transform that energy into self-love, creativity and freedom. I find value in nurturing oneself like a mother might hold and feed her baby. In the therapeutic relationship, we practice returning to that deep sense of safety, being, and sustenance through storytelling with curiosity, care and compassion. 

You set the pace: Sometimes we talk, sometimes we write or color, sometimes we play with yoga shapes and breath work, and sometimes we do all three. I practice listening to your story, needs and wants to set our pace. 

Background: As a trained psychotherapist (M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Georgia State University, practicum/internship at the Atlanta Center for Eating Disorders), I’ve treated a variety of disordered eating, addictions, anxiety, depression and maternal mental health issues. 

My therapeutic approach: I draw upon a blend of DBT, ACT, CBT, narrative therapy, somatic psychology, and psychodynamic theory from an attachment-based framework.  As a movement educator and registered yoga teacher, I’ve worked with eating disorders and addictions for more than 10 years.

Why body-based psychotherapy? Throughout my work, I have both researched and personally witnessed the value of integrating the body into the healing journey by weaving attachment-based theory into somatic psychology, intuitive and developmental movement methods, and trauma-informed interventions. 

Sessions: If you’re interested in hearing more or want to see if we are a good fit, call me at 404-210-6752, for a free 15-minute phone consultation.  To schedule an appointment with me in Decatur, GA, click here:  www.gaiacounseling.com




Psychotherapy for Individuals

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Specializing in disordered eating, addictions, anxiety, depression, maternal mental health and more. Set aside time just for you.

Psychotherapy Groups

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Psychotherapy Group offerings include a blend of process-oriented, expressive arts and psychoeducation in groups like Yoga for Emotional Eating, What are you Hungry for?, Mindful Eating Psychoeducation and Experiential Movement for Deeper Hungers

Movement Education

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Movement Education offers an array of workshops and presentations for clinicians and other helpers as well as experiential workshops for the public. Topics include Attachment-based Experiential Movement, Inviting the Body into Therapy, and Movement as Metaphor