M-Bodied: Heal Your Dance with Food: a yoga & mindful movement workshop for eating/food/body image recovery

Yoga + Mindful Movement = Healthier Connection with Your Body & Food

Mark your calendar!  Saturday, September 29, 3:00-5:00pm

This is a therapeutic movement practice and experiential workshop for those who struggle with emotional eating, who are in eating disorder recovery, and/or for helpers who want to learn to use yoga + mindful movement as a tool to help others attune and connect. 

What’s included? A top-down (cognitive) and bottom-up (somatic) marriage to reintegrate mind, body and spirit. Here’s a taste of what we will practice:

* -- "nervous-system informed yoga" through the lens of developmental, bio-psycho-social movement patterns of somatic psychology
* -- creative movement meditations using metaphor to tap into your Core Self and internal witness
* -- body-based writing as a way to merge cognitive-based theoretical interventions with the body’s felt-sense

To register: PayPal or Venmo $45 to carolineflow@gmail.com by 9/26

I’m happy to answer questions, send me a note or call me for a conversation.

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