Antidote to Disordered Eating? Spiritual Mothering and Divine Feeding

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Just came across this beautiful piece on disordered eating. (*details in story are potentially triggering) Indeed, it does look different for everyone.

And a common misconception is that disordered eating (or a clinically diagnosed eating disorder) is about body shape or weight. Even the DSM-5 uses criteria of disturbance of or self-evaluation of weight/shape as qualifiers for anorexia and bulimia. It is an unfortunate lapse of judgment to claim weight/shape focus as criteria because it can limit treatment options to those whose dis-order or dis-ease does not embody a body weight/shape focus or presentation.

While disordered eating can truly stem from body shape at times, especially with history’s and modern culture's extreme and bizarre expectations and appearance-laden pressures of women's and even men's bodies, the ritual of eating (or not) can serve as a defense or coping mechanism to the sometimes brutal parts of life which can fall along the spectrum of being a highly sensitive person, to generalized anxiety, to complex trauma, or to PTSD. It bears repeating: disordered eating or eating disorders - however defined - can but do not always include an obsession about body weight/shape.

I wish for us to never make assumptions or comments about someone else's body, about their struggle (or lack thereof). We come in different shapes, sizes, lengths and colors and need not only healthy, diverse, pleasurable feeding and eating experiences, but we need deeper psycho-spiritual nourishment that surpasses the quantifiable checks and balances our culture adores. In my personal and professional practices, it's a return to deep inner nurturing, a practice of spiritual mothering and divine feeding.