Come Home to Your Body to Be Home to Your Child


Dear new moms and/or seasoned moms,

Practice being with your own body so you can resonate with your child. This helps them to feel connected, seen, heard, not alone. This helps them to lean back in to you, so you both feel more connected, in sync.

Our culture wants to cut us off from our neck down. Resist! Come home to your body so you can come home to your own wildness, your rawness, your sensations and inner knowings. Seek help if reconnecting with your body is too uncomfortable, makes you triggered or highly anxious, or brings up lingering trauma (it’s a high possibility if never explored before, but a trained trauma helper can guide you thru it).

Once you can be with your own body in a way that feels safe and secure and “like home” to your nervous system, you can be more attuned to your child, and he will feel it. He will know it and respond in a more connected with you. He might even sleep a little longer or finally pick up his sweaty socks. (No promises there!)

What a beautiful practice to connect with yourself, to return home to your cells and blood and bones and intuition not only as a pathway to your deepest, wisest, brightest self but also as a pathway to connect in a richly present way with your loved ones. Whether you are in the middle of infant sleeplessness or adolescent attitudes, your children need you, you need you, and yes, that connection can happen. And yes, the dishes will pile in the sink somewhat, but embracing the messy, that “this too shall pass,” and acknowledging the cycles from your feelings, to nature’s ebbs and flows, to the ever-changing tidy->messy->tidy->messy (literally and figuratively) is how it’s supposed to be. In other words, imperfect but wildly, beautifully awake.

Sometimes resonating with your own body needs a helping hand, someone to travel with you to keep you safe and steady as some deep psychic excavation and holding might be necessary to help unplug some stuck, perhaps dark, stubborn places. But the rewards, riches and treasures of reconnecting, of reintegrating what it means to be able to receive breath into your cells, to receive a breath of fresh air and possibility into your spirit.

Peace and aliveness on your journey. I’m happy to provide a free 15-minute phone conversation if you’d like some help on your mothering journey. Click here to connect with me.