Your Body Begs to Be Heard


Do you ever have these intuitions or knowings or feelings that are hard to describe, you just feel it in your body? Or maybe your body knows before you do? Maybe you get an overwhelming sensation to adjust your posture or move, or you have a underlying urge to move but you feel stuck? Maybe you feel something stuck in your throat, carry a heaviness in your heart, or hold tension in your shoulders? Or maybe you just know things that are hard to articulate, to know how to explain, and maybe your body cringes, shudders, tightens, closes, or twists away from a situation as a way to say “no, yuck, yikes!”

People who have experienced trauma — developmental trauma or complex trauma — often hold feelings, experiences, trauma and wisdom in their body. I’d even say:

  1. All of us have experienced a variety of traumas because we are human and we have this thing called life to navigate.

  2. Some of us feel a little more than others — especially if you’re a Highly Sensitive Person (read more about that here)

  3. Many of us “shutdown” developing tendencies to turn off the intuitive sense and/or body wisdom responses with coping mechanisms that leave us in more dissociated states. (examples: using disordered eating, or substances like alcohol or marijuana, or compulsive shopping, or compulsive social media, etc).

None of this is your fault, and neither can you do it alone! While we have a way to go, our culture isn’t always welcoming to social/emotional intelligence, so you often need support, an experienced human guide or two to help you explore the sensations and feelings that reside in your body.

The bright side is your body has richness to show you. Your body is begging to be heard. Your body has stories, guidance, intelligence and gifts to help guide you. And, yet, it’s okay to be scared of all that. It’s okay to feel so far detached from your body, like it’s sitting on the opposite side of the room despite your pounding heart, clammy hands and perhaps numbness from the neck down.

In somatic, body-based and other movement therapies, we explore your stories slowly, at your pace, in ways that organically arise through talking, art, movement and other mindfulness exercises, as a way to help not reactivate or re-trigger old traumas but as a way to help bit-by-bit move through them. This way it doesn’t feel like you’re in a rocky time machine needing to re-experience every bad thing that ever happened.

Your body has a wisdom and even a desire to serve you in a fruitful way if you are open to letting it guide you. Your body has a way of recycling the old in productive ways and birthing new life for your enjoyment, pleasure, growth and knowledge to pay forward.

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