Exercise & Move with Regulation & Pleasure


🤪🤣 😞 Okay, this shouldn’t take long, am I right?

How about getting IN your body in a regulated state before you take OUT your fight/flight energy ON your body (and/or someone else)?

Often we wait to move our bodies until we hear news that makes our head spin, or someone says something that sends us into a tizzy. (What an asshole! Can you believe that? Let me go run a 10k to prove something!)

But our bodies really are our friends and lovely gateways into our deepest wisdom, pleasure and sustainability. Dr. Judith Kestenberg was a psychoanalyst who studied mother/infant nonverbal communication which paved the way for her create a movement profile studying the nuanced human rhythms and patterns we use throughout our lives. The key is *how* these movements are embodied. Are they used in a regulated (socially engaged) state? Or are they used in a dysregulated (fight/flight/shutdown) state?

With nervous system awareness and healthy embodiment practices, we can channel our energy in sustainable ways. (*Yes, even the heart wrenching headlines can be channeled healthily keeping in mind we consciously work through our own trauma responses with support and awareness).

What are healthy embodiment practices?

(Psssst, yoga is good but certainly is not the only way.) In a nutshell, any activity which engages your body-mind presence. You can sit mindfully in a chair and be healthily embodied. You can also press into a handstand and be embodied or dissociated/checked out. Ideally engaging your breath and/or voice, visual connection, sight, sound, spacial awareness, smell, taste and cognitive awareness can all be ways to connect with your whole self. Get creative, think outside the box, what lights you up? Do that. Push away the shoulds and return to that sweet place of connection you know to be you.

*If you find yourself reverting to dysregulated reactions to news headlines or to your body, food or exercise patterns in general, it could be worth it to exploring your body’s messages, urges, patterns and movements with a more compassionate, curious container. I help individuals, couples and families do this in therapy by using a somatic and cognitive approach called M-Bodied to help move through trauma and repattern relational dances. If you’re interested in a 15-minute phone consultation to see if we are a good fit, contact me here.