Psychotherapy Groups include a blend of psycho-education, process and experiential expressive arts using the M-Bodied approach for disordered eating healing, maternal mental health journeys, couples and families. Interested? Contact Caroline for info.

Here’s a sample of what’s included:

  • Yoga for Emotional Eating: This experiential movement and process group helps you discover how developmental movement -- from embryo to walking toddler -- have parallel shapes to an asana practice that help create grounding, strength, flexibility, balance and introspection along your path to nourish your deeper hungers. No yoga experience necessary.

  • What are you Hungry for?: This expressive arts group uses cognitive-behavioral education along with guided felt-sense writing exploration to tap into deeper fulfillment to help cope with disordered eating, addictions, anxiety and depression.

  • Mindful Eating Psycho-education: This experiential and psycho-educational group is organized in a timely way so we can have meals and snacks during our group session. We actively nourish ourselves and tune into our hunger/fullness/emotional cues to practice mindful eating.

  • Experiential Movement for Deeper Hungers: This experiential group is for anyone who is interested in movement as metaphor and how our body holds our unconscious stories or messages. Guided mindfulness and gentle movement set the stage for exploring how the body wants to move intuitively. Process time is included.

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