Our Relationship

I view the therapeutic relationship as sacred space where one is able to be seen, heard and understood in a safe environment. Sometimes we talk, sometimes we pay more attention to body cues, sometimes we color or draw, sometimes we do all three. It's my wish to provide a nurturing environment to explore and discover your truths and possibilities.  Contact me at 404-210-6752 or carolineflow@gmail.com to schedule a session.


Payment Policies

Contact me for questions about rates. Payments are required upon start of session. I require a 24-hour cancellation via phone or email to avoid a full-session fee charge. This allows other clients an opportunity for a session.


I do not participate as an in-network provider with insurance companies. However, most plans have out-of-network coverage for mental health, and I can provide you with helpful questions to ask your insurance representative prior to our session as well as a statement for direct reimbursement after our session.