M-Bodied: Mindful Movement as Mothering Medicine

M-Bodied helps people to return to the body and whole self through using developmental movement and attachment theory as the basis for reconnecting with one’s authentic nature through mind-body integration. This M-Bodied process benefits individuals, couples and families.

M-Bodied as a Mothering Metaphor: M-Bodied offers a variety of workshops, groups and private therapy that originate around developmental movement and patterns as a way to help connect the dots and even re-pattern mind-body areas that need attention, growth and embodiment. Ultimately, these practices serve as a mothering metaphor, as a pathway to birth the nurturing inner parent or mother from within while in relationship with oneself and others.

What does an M-Bodied approach look like? While some of this M-Bodied work often looks like shapes commonly recognized as yoga postures, it draws from shapes, patterns and movement we all once craved and needed for security, connection, love and survival. While “pretzel poses” are not the goal or even used, you can think of it like increasing your body awareness and nonverbal communication through common gestures, stances, postures, breath patterns, tension, openings, numbness, etc. These details often send messages about boundaries, needs, fears and communication. In a nuanced way that is unique for each individual, we become curious about the stories the body holds a) within oneself, b) within a couple (romantic, parent-child, etc.), and/or c) within a family of several members.

How does M-Bodied marry cognitive and somatic integration? The M-Bodied approach uses nonverbal and somatic techniques through the lens of developmental movement that offer parallels of psychological development. This approach helps to find nurturing shapes, postures and movement one’s body might find beneficial not only for comfort, support and empowerment but also that tell a story about one’s emotional and cognitive functioning. The conscious re-patterning of our own infant dances from womb-to-walking helps us to become more attuned to our own process of becoming aware of our body-mind connection. Depending on someone’s unique body-mind narrative, cognitive therapies such as CBT, DBT, ACT and SFBT, to name a few, can be used. By merging cognitive and somatic techniques from a variety of psychological theories and movement therapies in a trauma-sensitive way, we practice mothering ourselves through mindful movement.

Who benefits from M-Bodied work? From an attachment-based perspective, M-Bodied benefits everyoneindividuals, couples and families — because this is the universal work of embodiment from our most innocent and authentic nature as each of us entered the world and craved necessary bio-psycho-social connection for survival. More specifically, M-Bodied was originally created in an organic way when treating those struggling with the spectrum of disordered eating and mothers seeking more peace within themselves and their family relationships. However, this M-Bodied work quickly spread to the family system seeking support and becoming more attuned to their connections (or lack thereof). Therefore, parent-child duos, romantic partners and various family structures have found M-Bodied work helpful.

For Disordered Eating (chronic dieting, compulsive or avoidant exercise, body dissatisfaction, eating disorders, etc): We practice M-Bodied to explore satisfying our deeper hungers and body awareness (interoception and proprioception) from both cognitive and somatic therapeutic practices. M-Bodied slowly re-invites a person to get to know her body-heart-mind and their deeper needs in a trauma-informed way. For more information on the spectrum of disordered eating, click here.

For Mothers who want inner mothering and reconnection with the body: Motherhood is a rich, spiraling journey not only from desiring a child to raising adult children, but also to wanting to mother oneself in a deeply embodied way. We often learn to disembody from our whole selves as children due to various factors, so returning to our deeper urges, needs and comforts that initiate in the body often leads to a transformational experience of reconnecting with body, heart, mind and spirit. For more information on the Mother Journeys, click here.

M-Bodied Workshops

Some of the M-Bodied workshops include the following. Click the title to learn more info:

M-Bodied: Heal Your Dance with Food (September 2018 workshop)

M-Bodied: Attachment-based Techniques and Experiential Movement as an Integrative Approach for Disordered Eating (March 2019 workshop)

M-Bodied: Yoga & Therapy for Mothers (upcoming June 2019 workshop)

M-Bodied: Mindful Movement as Mothering Medicine (Caroline’s manuscript in progress)

Questions? I’m happy to chat. Please reach out here.

Curious about the history behind M-Bodied? As a way to help integrate mind and body while meeting people in a safe place, it can be helpful to explore different body-based techniques from somatic psychotherapy interventions to developmental movement (sometimes as introduced through yoga postures). For 20 years, I've helped people mindfully reconnect with their body in a sustainable, trauma-sensitive way - from group exercise classes, to private in-home training, to yoga groups for eating disorders and addictions, and to individual therapy.  During this time, while studying with researchers and teachers (including my own children!), I discovered my love for teaching somatic education specifically shining light on the intersection of stages-of-change, attachment theory, and trauma-informed somatic techniques and practices for a deeper sense of nourishment from the inside-out. Read a little more about my perspective on my blog here!

M-Bodied Workshops and Related Events


June 1, 2019

M-Bodied: Yoga & Therapy for Mothers

Mothers-to-be, new mothers, seasoned mothers, and anyone who craves an embodied mothering experience: Practice returning to your own metaphorical womb for a deeper sense of nourishment and holding through yolking your body and self through M-Bodied experiential movement.

What’s included:

  • all-levels yoga based on developmental movement

  • mind-body techniques that marry psyche & soma

  • nourishing movement to explore deeper hungers

When: June 1, 2019 11a-1p

Where: Decatur School of Ballet, *Church Street Studio - Decatur, GA

Want to register? $45/participant by 5/29; Call 404-210-6752

Questions? I’m happy to chat - contact me here


April 12, 2019

Art of Yoga

Wanna explore developmental movement-based yoga + expressive art through the lens of M-Bodied? Join me while I sub an Art of Yoga class in Clarkston this Friday 4/12, 930-1030a. Questions? Contact me 🦋



March 10, 2019

M-Bodied: Mindful Movement for the Treatment of Eating Disorders: attachment-based techniques and experiential movement as an integrative approach

Attention yoga teachers, bodyworkers, dietitians, mental health professionals!

Are you a #yoga teacher, therapist, or allied healthcare practitioner with an interest in using yoga and mindful movement for eating disorders? Are you wondering how to help clients or students to reconnect with the mind and body in an attuned, sensitive way?

Our time together will include:

  • a discussion of attachment theory and its influence on psychological and physiological therapeutic parallels that when imbalanced often show up in unhealthy behaviors or patterns often seen in eating disorders.

  • we’ll practice several ways to notice and experiment our own patterns and needs through yoga postures and developmental movement as a way to offer these tools first to ourselves, then to our clients on the mat or on the couch.

  • this also offers a brief reminder of nervous system science and how it applies to the therapeutic relationship, a person’s stage of change or readiness, and as a reminder for using a trauma sensitive approach for the ED population.

This workshop is aimed at yoga teachers, mental health clinicians and other practitioners who have an interest in treating disordered eating with sensitivity while carefully inviting the body into treatment. 

WHEN: Sunday March 10, 2019 from 2-5:30PM
WHERE: Gathered and Grounded in Decatur 
COST: $75.00

REGISTER: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/yoga-mindfulness-and-movement-for-the-treatment-of-eating-disorders-tickets-54762813048
***space is limited

For more information, check out http://www.southernyogatherapy.com/ or contact Caroline 🦋

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February 23, 2019

M-Bodied: Mindful Movement & Fueling workshop (FREE): honoring EDIN’s Love Your Body Month!

Click here to for details!


FALL 2018

M-Bodied: The Mother-Daughter Dance: build self awareness, self regulation and self esteem through yoga, dance and talking

Want more connection within your Mother-Daughter relationship? Discover how returning to your Core Self through yoga, interactive dance moves, and talking can help fulfill not only you but also nourish your relationship. We'll play with shapes, do some playful partner work, as well as process how inviting the body into our Mother-Daughter relationship can help us recognize patterns, set limits, practice leading and following, and find deeper sources of connection and wisdom. 💫FB event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1860483774073342/

All genders welcome
Recommended for pre-teens, teens, adults + parent

3:30-5:30pm on 10/20/18 
Decatur School of Ballet - Church Street Studio.

For more information and to register, contact Dee at 678-468-2981
$85 per mother/daughter duo


September 29, 2018

M-Bodied: Heal Your Dance with Food: a yoga & mindful movement workshop to nourish & reconnect with your body & food

This is a practice for those who struggle with emotional eating, who are in eating disorder recovery, and/or for helpers who want to learn to use yoga + mindful movement as a tool to help others attune and connect. 🦋

What’s included? A top-down and bottom-up blend to reintegrate mind, body and spirit. Here’s a taste of what we will practice:

o nervous system-informed yoga through the lens of developmental, bio-psycho-social movement patterns

o creative movement meditations using metaphor to tap into your Wise Mind and internal witness

o body-based writing as a way to merge cognitive-based theoretical interventions with the body’s felt-sense

September 29, 2018 3:00-5:00pm

Decatur School of Ballet - Church St.

I’m happy to answer questions. Reach out here!

Want to register? Contact me directly, or visit this link: https://www.bodybasedpsychotherapy.com/blog-1/2018/8/31/m-bodied-heal-your-dance-with-food-a-yoga-mindful-movement-workshop-to-nourish-and-reconnect-with-your-body

M-Bodied Heal Your Dance with Food.png
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